How an Orthodontist Medford Oregon Can Make the World Better for You

Orthodontics Medford Oregon is the act of moving teeth from an unbalanced to a balanced and even position, which is done by applying light forces in predetermined directions as a way to force the tooth to change position.

The process is also referred to as drifting as the bone grows and resorbs on either side of the tooth as it moves. The force of the orthodontic appliances will make the bone resorb on the side the tooth is being moved to. In the space that’s left in the tooth’s original position, the new bone will grow.

While the tooth is moving it will seem like it is loose, which is quite normal and something that happens due to the resorption process. A person can also expect moderate discomfort. Especially in the first day or two of applying a new force. However, the pain can quickly be overcome by using a mild painkiller such as aspirin. Unlike some would believe, there is no age limit for the application of orthodontics.

An orthodontist Medford Oregon would have a broad range of appliances and techniques at his or her disposal to assist them in this highly specialized field of Dentistry in Medford.

Tooth position is regarded as a function of many things, such as:

  • The direction of the development of the tooth-forming cells in the jawbone.
  • The size of the tooth in relation to the space available for it.
  • The pushing action of the tongue as it tends to push teeth forward
  • The tension of the lip, which tend to hold the teeth back.
  • Para-functions such as dummy or thumb sucking as well as tongue push.
  • Missing or extra teeth.

These and various other factors are considered when making an orthodontic diagnosis.

Conditions that Require the Intervention of a Medford Orthodontist and Orthodontic Treatment

Teeth may develop just fine on an individual basis, in other words, each tooth may have a perfect form. But together as a team, they are supposed to help one chew, smile and aid in phonetic (sound production). Sadly, in some cases, they may fail dismally. This would be because they are not arranged or aligned correctly so they cannot act as a unit. It is a process that is referred to as malocclusion.

jaw pain

The discrepancy in the occlusion may be due to the uneven positioning of one’s teeth or due to the odd relationship of the jawbones to each other, or both.

Dental malocclusions can effectively be realigned by moving the teeth into the correct position using braces. However, various skeletal discrepancies often require the surgical intervention of a Medford orthodontist to correct the relationship of the jaws to one another.

Why the Need for Braces?

The use of braces is often seen as the easiest and most efficient way to correct poorly aligned or crooked teeth which usually affect four primary areas:

The function of one’s teeth, which includes the way you would chew, bite, speak and even breathe. That is where your back teeth don’t occlude (bite together) and stand in the way of eating correctly. If your front teeth don’t meet, you will probably have a lisp and not be able to bite an apple.

Aesthetics where beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What may look attractive to one person may seem odd to another. One may face a cosmetic problem where there exists an ample space between the front teeth and crowding of the ones to the side. Orthodontic treatment can quickly correct this problem. The odd edges of the front teeth could be trimmed easily into a more aesthetically pleasing shape.

Stability is somewhat of a tricky concept. With regards to occlusion, what it means is that relative positions of the jaws, muscles, and teeth should be in harmony.

Prevention in the case of orthodontics means placing teeth in a situation in which they are less likely to be traumatized. For example, front teeth may protrude and be more susceptible to an accidental impact on the jaw joint. Orthodontic treatment will help to prevent this by balancing the position of one’s teeth. If the joint is not in a balanced position, there will be wear on it and result in headaches, pain and decreased mobility of the joint as well as arthritis.

Crowded or overlapping teeth stand in the way of proper cleaning and would eventually lead to gum disease and more tooth decay. All of these can be prevented by the timely intervention of orthodontists Medford Oregon, Visit